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12th President of America Zachary Taylor Military Uniform, War of 1812 Uniform

12th President of America Zachary Taylor Military Uniform, War of 1812 Uniform

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Step into the pages of history and embrace the legacy of a true American legend with our theatrical-grade Zachary Taylor US Military Uniform. Zachary Taylor, not just the 12th president of the United States but also a distinguished officer in the US Army, reached the commendable rank of major general. Celebrated for his triumphant leadership during the Mexican–American War, his heroic deeds have etched an everlasting mark on the nation's memory.

By wearing this meticulously crafted replica of his military attire, you're not just dressing up but truly embodying the spirit of a leader whose valor and dedication resonate through the ages. Stand tall and let the spirit of Zachary Taylor inspire awe and admiration in every gathering.

⭐ The Base Costume includes: (3 PCS)
1. Double-Breasted Military Officers' Frock Coat - Crafted from gabardine fabric and lined with a soft poly/cotton broadcloth, this coat offers sophistication and ease of wear. The coat features two rows of brass-like buttons down the front, adding a distinguished touch to the design. Its military-inspired look and classic navy hue make it the ideal choice for making a bold statement.

2. Military-Style Trousers - Made from durable navy twill fabric. These pants feature a striking gold stripe running down each leg, adding a touch of distinction. Designed for comfort, they also include interior buttons on both sides, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

3. Gold military waist sash: This sash is worn around the waist and is made of satin fabric. It is often used to indicate rank or status within the military.

⭐ Bundle Option (in addition to items in Base Costume): (7 PCS).
4. White Dress Shirt - A military dress shirt in a turndown style, crafted from a cotton-polyester blend, offers an impeccable pairing with our military uniform for a sharp and professional appearance.

5. White officer's dress gloves: Used by military officers as part of their dress uniform. They are typically worn to formal events or ceremonies.

6. Navy Shoe Spats - In the late 19th century, spats became a stylish accessory, evolving from the "spatterdashes" used to keep mud out of walking boots. Our Men's Button Spats are designed to enhance any shoe's look and capture that classic vintage charm.

7. Elegant satin floppy tie featuring an adjustable neckband and a secure metal hook-and-ring closure for a comfortable and stylish fit.

⭐ Value Bundle Option (in addition to items in Base Costume): (10 PCS)
8. Shoulder boards adorned with gold military braid and gold stars, symbolizing rank and distinction.

9. & 10. Officer's sword saber and Belt Set - This is a decorative sword that military officers wear for ceremonial purposes. It is not functional. The sword has a plastic blade and hilt and a decorative handle. This set includes a belt and buckle that can be worn around the waist and secured with a silver metal buckle.

This costume is perfect for historical reenactments, theatrical performances, or any event where you want to commemorate America's rich history.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cotton, Metal Button


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