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Children's William Penn Costume

Children's William Penn Costume

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Embrace the legacy of William Penn, a pivotal champion of American liberty, with our authentic boy's pilgrim costume. In the late 17th century, amid religious intolerance, Penn founded a haven that celebrated freedom of belief in America. He pioneered peaceful relations with native inhabitants and advocated for women's rights. Inspired by Penn's era, this costume is perfect for history buffs and reenactments. Dive into a rich historical experience and honor a founder of American freedom. It is ideal for educational events and themed gatherings.

⭐ The Costume includes (5 PCS)
1. A black gabardine pilgrim coat featuring a button-front design accompanied by an integrated pilgrim collar and cuffs epitomizes the attire worn by early pilgrims.

2. Elastic waist ivory colonial breeches - These breeches are made of black fabric and feature an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. They are designed to be worn under the jacket and extend to just below the knee.

3. White colonial stockings - To-the-knee socks. Worn just under the breeches to just below the knee.

4. Colonial shoe buckles - Worn over the shoe and held in place with elastic to give the appearance of colonial period shoes.

5. One-size felt pilgrim hat adorned with a silver fabric buckle and complemented by a sleek black satin ribbon band.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cotton, Metal Button


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